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Contract Research

Research Projects sanctioned under “Support for Contract Research Intervention Technology Mission on Technical Textiles (TMTT)”

Development of Collagen coated on hernia mesh.

 Investigators: Mr. P. Sakthivel and Dr. E. Santhini.

Industry partner: Shri R. Krishnakumar, Managing Director, M/s. Cologenesis healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Udayapatti, Salem – 636 140.  

The key objective of the project is to develop biological mesh to repair hernia by coating synthetic mesh with collagen. Collagen coating overcome various problems (infection, bowel adhesion, recurrence etc) associated with current synthetic meshes and provide mechanical support, tissue remodeling along the mesh scaffold. This in turn create highly organized collagen network and establishes new vascular access to the hernia site. 

Development of mopping pads using Non-woven and Woven structures

Investigators: Mr. P. Sakthivel and Mr. T. Thiruppathi

Industry partner: Shri. P.Narayanan, Managing Director, M/s. Care Med surgical, Mettupalayam, Coimbatore.


Mopping pads are cleaning towels during surgery. Basically woven cotton gauze in multiple layers is stitched as pads. To improve the performance of these pads spun-lace non-woven fabric is used in conjunction with woven gauze fabric. Non- woven spun-lace will have quick absorption and fluid retaining capacity. The resultant product will be of great significance for surgeons in reducing the time for cleaning of blood and body fluid during surgery, thereby reducing surgery time.