Development of self assembled peptide hydrogel based bioactive dressings for chronic wounds

(Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology).

Investigator – Dr. E. Santhini

Summary : Chronic wounds cause substantial morbidity and economic burden as it exhibits challenging clinical problems with limited treatment modalities. More than, 90 % of the chronic wounds are found to falling under diabetic, venous and pressure ulcers. Tissue defects of chronic wounds are repaired generally by using drastic operative interventions like amputations, free flaps and by using growth factors. These growth factors, in most cases are delivered topically using different dressings like hydrogel dressings, collagen film, alginate dressings in the form of beads, and polyurethane dressings to the wound site. Since most of the growth factors have short half-life, there is a limitation in the bioavailability. As a result, patients often need multiple dressings to achieve a clinically beneficial effect. This requires the use of large quantities of growth factors making these wound healing therapies expensive.  Hence it is planned to deliver growth factor slow and sustained manner using bioactive dressing material that is by using self assembled peptides (SAP).