Training Programmes

Forthcoming events

The medical textile training is conducted to impart knowledge and skills to industry personnel and entrepreneurs  

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  • Training Programmes conducted
  1. Entrepreneur Development Training
  2. Product Focused Training
  3. Technology Focused Training
  4. Medical textile testing, evaluation and standards
  5. Business Management Training
  • Past events 
  1. Training program on “Compression stocking” at SITRA on 3rd September, 2013.
  2. Training program on “Facemask making” at SITRA on 6th September, 2013.
  3. Training program on “Narrow width loom Crepe bandage manufacturing” at SITRA on 11th September, 2013.
  4. Training program on “Non woven Manufacturing” at SITRA on 13th September, 2013.
  5. Medical Textile training programs on 15th and 18th October, 2013.